Frequently Asked Questions


How can I order a part?
Can I collect a part?
Can I have a part delivered?
Do you deliver internationally?
What payments do you accept?
Do you offer any part guarantees?
What if I need to return a part?

Car Scrapping

What do I do with my V5c?
What do I do if I don't have my V5c?
Will you haggle on collection?
Where can my car be collected?
Will I get a receipt?
Can I choose a time my vehicle can be collected?
My vehicle is in poor condition?
My vehicle has external damage?
My car has been modified/parts have been removed?
Can I claim back my unused car tax?
Do I need to be present?
Can I keep my number plate?
Can I buy a car from you?
What do I need to do before and after collection?
My vehicle is full of rubbish?
My vehicle has no wheels/or is immobile, can you still collect?
My vehicle was written of by my insurance, can VauxPartsUK still buy it?