Air Conditioning Recharge

Air Conditioning Recharge

Air conditioning systems which are not recharged on a regular interval will perform less effectively than ones that are. Having an under charged air conditioning system results in a strain on the engine to produce cool air and results in a higher fuel consumption. Whilst this may not be directly noticeable by you, you can increase your fuel consumption substantially by having a regular air conditioning recharge at the recommended interval of 2 years.

We offer both types of Aircon Regassing… for new and old cars

R134a Starts from £25

R1234yf Starts from £120

At VauxPartsUK, we ensure the recharge process is hassle free for you by following our 3 simple customer satisfaction recharging steps;

1). Inspect the air conditioning system for any damages or cracks. If any damage or cracks are present this will result in the new gas leaking out resulting in an inefficient air conditioning system. If damage is found, you will be notified before hand as to what implications this can have and any advisiory steps to repair the damage.

2). We ensure your vehicles air conditioning system will be clean and bacteria free by removing any old refrigerant gas and oil before replacing it with the new amount. (The new amount to fill is specified as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation).

3).We then perform a vacuum test to ensure no damage is present in your air conditioning system.

Following these steps allows us to ensure your air conditioning is performing as efficiently as possible resulting in a cost and time efficent service for the customer.

Our prices are locally competitive and start from £25.00. To enquire about getting your vehicle recharged why not give us a call? You can contact us via the contact us enquiry form or call us directly on 01474 564 886.