Here at VauxPartsUK, we offer a personal service and local knowledge along with an excellent range of car tyres, high performance tyres, van tyres and part worn. We offer a tyre fitting service at an exceptional cost with a friendly customer service to make the hassle of purchasing, fitting or repairing punctured tyres ease free. If you have a puncture, require new tyres or suspect your tyres may be below the legal limit, why not give us a call to arrange your next set of tyres. You can call us directly on 01474 564 886 or enquire using our online form.

Part Worn

We offer a range of part worn tyres from high performance to van tyres. Part worn tyres can reduce the overall cost of your maintenance for your vehicle, by allowing you to fit well maintained and excellent condition tyres for a fraction of the cost. If you have any questions or queries regarding part worn tyres, please feel free to contact us using our online enquiry form or call us directly on the number located at the top of the page.

Punctured Tyres

If you suspect your tyre has a puncture, we offer a hassle free, fast service for repairing your tyres at an competitive rate and high standard. The most common cause of a tyre puncture could be slow or rapid deflation of a tyre or a sharp object penetrating it. This can be influenced by tyres that have an excessively worn out tread.

Tyre puncture repairs can be a tedious task for the vehicle owner and using a vehicle repair kit may not prove successful. Thats why at VauxPartsUK you can depend on us to provide exceptional customer service and take the hassle away, ensuring your tyres are safe and efficient for your vehicle.