Frequently Asked Questions


How can I order a part?
Part ordering may be undertaken through our trade counter, by telephone, mail order or Ebay.
Can I collect a part?
Yes, you may collect a part you have ordered between our opening times in the Contact Us page.
Can I have a part delivered?
We offer 24 or 48 hour delivery to anywhere in the uk. We also have a special delivery on Saturday before 12 noon.
We also cater for outside the UK too prices do vary depending on where you are based.
Do you deliver internationally?
We do cater for deliveries outside the UK however prices do vary depending on where you are based. You will need to contact a VauxPartsUK colleague for more information.
What payments do you accept?
Payment may be made in cash, cheque or by Paypal or through Royal Mail, Bacs Transfer or Card Payment.
Do you offer any part guarantees?
All our items such as Gearbox’s & Engines comes with a 30 Day RTB Warrenty in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure. This does not cover timing chains/belts or gaskets all items are tested prior to sending. Other items are tested and working 100% before they leave us and are bought at buyers risk as they could last 1 week or 1 year.
What if I need to return a part?
Items that are incorrect have a 7 day return policy from the moment they are signed for. No postage will be refunded if buyer is at fault. Buyer will also have to pay return item along with a 20% restocking fee if they are at fault.

Car Scrapping

What do I do with my V5c?
When VauxPartsUK collect your vehicle, we will complete the Section 9 of your V5C, you then need to send this to the DVLA. Given you have requested a Certificate of Destruction, it should be with you within 48 working hours.
What do I do if I don't have my V5c?
For VauxPartsUK to collect your vehicle you must inform the DVLA in writing that you are selling/scrapping your vehicle. You can find out more on the DVLA website. Upon collection VauxPartsUK must request photo ID from the person present and the registered owner must inform of the DVLA.
Will you haggle on collection?
No, VauxPartsUK provide a price that we stick to. As long as your description is accurate, VauxPartsUK can guarantee the price your car is collected.
Where can my car be collected?
We can collect your car from almost anywhere our pickup truck can access. We offer a flexible collection service which we can discuss at the time of your call.
Will I get a receipt?
At the time of collection VauxPartsUK will give you a receipt confirming the vehicle has been collected and the price we have paid you for the vehicle.
Can I choose a time my vehicle can be collected?
We offer a very flexible collection service which we can discuss at the time of your call.
My vehicle is in poor condition?
When we provide a value for your vehicle, we consider all aspects including the condition. If your vehicle is in a poor condition this may affect your price. Please provide us with any details as to the extend of the condition to reduce any disappointment.
My vehicle has external damage?
If your vehicle has been damaged this may affect your price. Please provide us with any details as to the extend of the damage to reduce any disappointment prior to VauxPartsUK collecting your vehicle.
My car has been modified/parts have been removed?
You need to make us aware of the parts you have removed or modified before we collect your car. Please note, that the price you receive for your car may vary depending on what parts you have removed or modified.
Can I claim back my unused car tax?
Yes, you can visit the DVLA website for more information on claiming back unused tax.
Do I need to be present?
Unless discussed at least one person will need to be present when we collect the vehicle.
Can I keep my number plate?
Once VauxPartsUK collect your vehicle and you are given your receipt, you are not entitled to any parts of that vehicle. To keep your vehicle information such as your registration plate, you must do this before we collect the vehicle via the DVLA however you must notify us to any changes to which will be made before we collect the vehicle given your quote was made when the parts were present on the vehicle.
Can I buy a car from you?
Yes, you can visit our Ebay shop or view our Parts page to view breaking cars.
What do I need to do before and after collection?
Clear all personal items from your vehicle and upon collection we require your V5 log book for the vehicle. If you do not have the V5 then you must provide a form of photographic identification.
My vehicle is full of rubbish?
You must clear out all of your personal (including rubbish) contents from the vehicle before we collect. If the description of the vehicle is different from how you describe this may affect your quotation and the price we pay.
My vehicle has no wheels/or is immobile, can you still collect?
Yes, VauxPartsUK can collect your vehicle if it immobile. As long as your vehicle is in an accessible location for us to collect we can do so.
My vehicle was written of by my insurance, can VauxPartsUK still buy it?